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theriches_icons's Journal

The Riches Icons AND Everything Else
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Please make sure your graphics/icons posted here relate to The Riches.

You may post your icons directly in this community, or you may link to icons that are in your own journal or community.

No linking to friends/members locked entries.

You may link to a multi-fandom post.

Maximum 3 teaser icons before a cut and at least one has to be related to The Riches.

Spamming for other communities is prohibited. You may promote your own icon journal/community only in a post accompanied by icons/graphics related to The Riches.

Any community promotions without The Riches graphics will be deleted.

Use lj-cuts when posting more than 4 icons, large graphics, spoiler icons, or icons containing vulgar language or things that not all people may want to see.

This should go without saying, but only post icons/graphics here that you have made. Do not post stolen graphics here. (You may post someone else's work with a clear and noted permission from the original artist)

If you disable comments, you do so at your own risk. If a moderator is unable to contact you with problems in your post it will be deleted without your notification.

Any rule violations may lead to your post being removed from the community.

The mods cannot always enforce other members to give credit and bringing it to our attention in a polite and non-offensive way is best.

All Members:
Do not hotlink the icons / graphics you take from this community.

Follow the individual rules set by different makers if you take their graphics/icons.

There will be a request post soon and you only request there and by the rules in that post.

This is not the place to make requests for screen caps, non Riches graphics or for anything non graphic related. This includes quotes, requests for episode downloads, troubleshoot questions regarding your Photoshop/Capping software, or information on the actors. These types of posts will be immediately deleted.

DO NOT delete comments. Do not screen comments. Do not freeze a thread. This is only permitted by a Moderator. If you can't own your words, then don't say anything.

Please do not disable comments to a post you made, even if you are linking to your icon/graphic community. That discourages people to comment.

Please credit the makers/artists
cal malloy, cherien rich, dahlia malloy, didi malloy, doug rich, eddie izzard, fx orginal, icons, minnie driver, sam malloy, the riches, wayne malloy